Winston J. Bish has been building, repairing and restoring banjos for the past 40 years. He first began making banjos while working at the Liberty Banjo Company in Bridgeport,CT. He gained his knowledge while working with the master luthier Mr. Jim DeCava. When the company shut down he continued building banjos for himself and friends. In 2012 Winston began building banjos using his own name.

Banjo Models

1406 Red Mahogany

This banjo is made from Honduran Mahogany, although it could be produced from any type of wood the customer might choose. Mahogany is at the top of my list of favorite woods, with Curly Maple being a close second. The red mahogany color scheme is a classic choice throughout the world of Bluegrass.

1407 Midnight Blue

This banjo has a unique color scheme that varies from ordinary banjos. The deep blue color is reminiscent of the Gibson model #11. This could be the upgrade you’ve been waiting to have. Take a look at Ralph Quintiliano’s testimonial. He owns a Midnight Blue banjo.

1408 Openback Banjo

This is a banjo the discerning claw hammer banjo player would enjoy. It has a classic honey maple color scheme and it produces a very pleasing sound. It comes in a standard 11 in. diameter rim, but I would not hesitate to make a 12 in instrument on request.

Bish banjos are hand crafted using the very best materials available. Necks and resonators are made from Honduran Mahogany. (However, the customer will always have the choice of what type of wood they prefer). The rim, a critical component in the banjo, is composed of a three ply laminate of an east cost maple.

All inlays are hand cut mother of pearl. Using a pearl pattern designed by Mr. Bish, making the neck and pattern unique to Bish Banjos. The majority of wood used in the shop is purchased from a local supplier based in Old Saybrook, CT. They are called The Connecticut River Lumber Co. Found at


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