Banjo #1406 Red Mahogany Image


This banjo is considered a professional quality instrument as several have been used on stage for many years. The neck and resonator are made up of Honduran Mahogany. The rim is a 3 ply laminate construction made up of New England Maple. It is turned to a full 3/4 inch thickness for a tube and plate flange assembly. The peg head and finger board are rosewood. (Ebony is available upon request). The pearl pattern is custom designed and hand cut by Mr. Bish. The tone ring, a very critical component of the banjo, is purchased from a supplier out of Kentucky. It is a 20 hole, flat head, nickle plated tone ring.


Each Model #1406 contains the following parts which can be changed at the customer’s request.

  • 20 hole, flat head tone ring
  • Notched tension hoop
  • Set – tube and plate flange assembly
  • 24 rd. head hooks and nuts
  • 4 – Five star planetary peghead tuners, 4:1 gear ratio, 3/8 in. shaft dia.
  • 1 – 5th string tuner, 5 star, 14:1 gear ratio, single upright post
  • 1 – 5 string Presto tail piece with a flip cover
  • 1 – Arm rest, one post anchor
  • Set – 2 coordinator rods, lg. and short with nuts and washers
  • Set – resonator hardware 4 ea, lugs, screws and plates
  • 1 – Frosted Mylar plastic head, 11 inch dia. med. crown
  • Set – Lt. gauge strings, 9.5 – 20w. J.D. Crowe signature strings

Note: All metal parts will be nickle plated.


This instrument is priced at $2,200.00

“I remember one Saturday morning while watching Flatt and Scruggs, on the Beverly Hillbillies show, I overheard my brothers asking my mother, “Who watches that stuff? Is he an alien?” – Mr.Bish