Banjo #1408 Open Back Image


This banjo is designed for the claw hammer banjo player. It will produce a clear bell-like tone, but, a much softer tone can be produced when needed. These characteristics are the result of the banjo not having a tone ring or a resonator on the back.

The neck and rim are made up of either east coast maple or black walnut. However, the customer may request another wood choice such as curly maple my second favorite which will give the banjo a truly signature appearance. It will be finished using a honey maple stain and several coats of clear lacquer polished to a very high gloss.

Should the customer desire it, this banjo might also be stained using the midnight blue coloring to set their banjo apart from others. The peg head and finger board are rosewood, with the finger board having an abbreviated pearl pattern.


Each Model #1408 contains the following parts.

  • 4 – Planetary peg head pegs, with a 4:1 gear ratio
  • 1 – 5th string planetary peg, 14:1 gear ratio, upright post
  • 1 – Grooved tension hoop
  • 24 – Flat hooks and nuts
  • 1 – Waverly, 5 string tail piece.
  • 1 – Armrest, double anchor
  • 1 – Set coordinator rods with nuts and washers
  • 1 – 3/8 in. brass ring (tone ring) 11″ dia.
  • 1 – Ebony and Maple bridge, 11/16″ height
  • 1 – Set Lt. gauge strings, J.D. Crowe Signature strings


This instrument is priced at $800.00