After my first year of taking lessons with my entry level banjo, I could easily hear the difference in sound coming from my banjo vs. my teacher’s. I wanted to up grade to a better quality banjo and researched U.S. made banjos and spoke with my teacher about my research. He suggested that I speak to a local banjo craftsman, Mr. Bish, about having him make me a banjo. After visiting with him I ordered my banjo and several weeks later became the proud owner of a beautiful quality well crafted sounding banjo. I love this banjo.

At Mr. Bish’s invitation, during the production of my banjo, I visited him at his workshop to see the progress and admire the workmanship of my banjo. When I received it I couldn’t believe it’s beauty and it’s sound. It was well worth the wait. If you are looking for an American made, quality looking and sounding banjo, I truly recommend a Mr. Bish made banjo.