I first met Winston many, many years ago when he was a craftsman at the legendary Liberty Banjo Company in Bridgeport, CT. I’ve been playing his instruments ever since.

He has built banjos for me and been in charge of all renovations, set-ups, and repairs for just as long.

Winston is a master woodworker. The quality of his custom, hand-manufactured parts is top-notch.

He also designs the neck inlays and adds them by hand. Winston is a true artist.

When you combine this with quality metal parts from leading manufacturers the result is one fine looking and sounding banjo that plays like a charm!

But more valuable than any of that is his dedication to customer service and care (which–in this day and age–is a dying art). He is most generous with his time, working with clients to insure that the instrument they desire is the one he delivers.

Check him out!