“G” Rockwell

Bish Banjos are truly wonderful sounding instruments made with unique artistry and stunning craftsmanship. Because of their clear high range and warmth of the low-end Bish Banjos are incredibly versatile and give the player easy dynamic control. These banjos are built with one of a kind inlay patterns on top of precision woodworking, making a banjo that looks just as good as it sounds. Bish Banjos are high quality and will be the perfect instrument for what ever style you play.

"G" Rockwell

Richard Neal

I first met Winston many, many years ago when he was a craftsman at the legendary Liberty Banjo Company in Bridgeport, CT. I’ve been playing his instruments ever since.

He has built banjos for me and been in charge of all renovations, set-ups, and repairs for just as long.

Winston is a master woodworker. The quality of his custom, hand-manufactured parts is top-notch.

He also designs the neck inlays and adds them by hand. Winston is a true artist.

When you combine this with quality metal parts from leading manufacturers the result is one fine looking and sounding banjo that plays like a charm!

But more valuable than any of that is his dedication to customer service and care (which–in this day and age–is a dying art). He is most generous with his time, working with clients to insure that the instrument they desire is the one he delivers.

Check him out!

Richard Neal

Mr. John McQueenan

After my first year of taking lessons with my entry level banjo, I could easily hear the difference in sound coming from my banjo vs. my teacher’s. I wanted to up grade to a better quality banjo and researched U.S. made banjos and spoke with my teacher about my research. He suggested that I speak to a local banjo craftsman, Mr. Bish, about having him make me a banjo. After visiting with him I ordered my banjo and several weeks later became the proud owner of a beautiful quality well crafted sounding banjo. I love this banjo.

At Mr. Bish’s invitation, during the production of my banjo, I visited him at his workshop to see the progress and admire the workmanship of my banjo. When I received it I couldn’t believe it’s beauty and it’s sound. It was well worth the wait. If you are looking for an American made, quality looking and sounding banjo, I truly recommend a Mr. Bish made banjo.

Mr. John McQueenan

Ralph A. Quintiliano

I am very happy with my purchase of one of your banjos. Your craftsmanship is superb. The woodwork and finish is beautiful as well as the custom inlay work on the neck. All of the hardware and components are of the best quality as well. The attention to detail that you put into your instruments is testimony to your skills as a master banjo builder. But the proof is in the sound.

I own many banjos, many built by nationally known builders. They are all wonderful instruments, but my Bish Banjo is by far the best sounding and playing of them all. It has a rich, full tone with the perfect amount of brightness. Thank you for the great setup and customer service that came with my purchase. Most of all, thank you for your friendship and encouragement in my love for the banjo.

Ralph A. Quintiliano Sr. Bpt., CT.